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South African software coders, designers, and product managers ready to work on your mobile app or custom software project.

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Submit your custom software project and get a quote in consultation with your business analyst. From idea to finished product seamlessly.

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Business Software-as-a-Service products that employees can access entirely over the Internet — there’s no infrastructure to buy, set up, or manage — you just log in and get to work. Easy to use, beautiful, powerful and mobile ready.

Cost effective integrations, customisations and support plans are easily available as premium services.

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Manage your enterprise grade service online, over the phone, or have the services delivered on-site at your business premises. We cater to all sizes of organisations and across multiple industries, departments and roles.

If you require assistance on deciding what services your business requires our helpful Account Managers are on hand to assist.

Leading Technology & Client Service

Dedicated Software Account Managers Available To Support Your Business Innovation

Coding & Development

An innovative online software development project platform with built in resource management tools.

Cloud Software Shop

An online enterprise software-as-a-service application store for South African cloud business software.

SovTechSME Packages

Premium management short and long term technology and I.T services delivered via our leading online SME platform.

Venture Incubator

SovTech Ventures is innovative venture capital incubator and facilitator of new technology businesses.



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Our senior Partners can, for the first time, realise the full potential of what our employees are capable of.

Senior PartnerEY Consulting

We needed technology that would empower our teachers and students without becoming a burden on their time and enthusiasm to achieve their ambitions. We found it.

DirectorElearning Enterprises

Our team has met in full the targeted project objectives. AgileTrust™ meant that we could iterate at every stage of the development cycle to shape the very best result for our stakeholders.

ManagerWest Midlands Transport Authority

It is via AgileTrust™ that I feel we were able to demonstrate regionally what true GIS coordination was about.

City CouncilJohn Smith

Great software is the perfect

combination of artistry,

engineering and people.

We are dedicated to delivering excellence through end-to-end assistance with dedicated project management, timely reminders, deadline tracking, and payment protection. We offer pricing that is affordable and final, and software that is powerful, well designed and easy to use.

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February 27, 2017

Virtual Collaboration Is Creating A Remote Workforce

There is an obvious appeal about working from the comfort of your own home. With the rise of broadband internet and a global pursuit of a healthy work/life balance we…
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February 24, 2017

Mobile Apps for Your Business

We’ve all heard the phrase “There is an app for that,” in fact, Apple copyrighted this sentence after they released the iPhone 3G, you can watch the advert here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szrsfeyLzyg.…
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machines learning platforms
November 22, 2016

Machine Learning Platforms

The exponential increase in computer processing power and storage capabilities has sparked a significant interest in artificial intelligence and opened up many related fields. The most prominent of such field…
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