Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Dictionary

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Bounce Rate: The percentage of visits that go only one page before exiting a site

CTR: click-through-rate, A way of measuring the success of an online advertising campaign. A CTR is determined by dividing the number of users who clicked on an ad by the number of times the ad was delivered (impressions).

Conversion: When a user/customer completes a sale, a form, submits and email or downloads a whitepaper, etc.  A conversion is essentially the same as a lead.

Daily Budget: The amount you are willing to spend in a single day for a single campaign.

Destination URL: The URL of the page a visitor will be directed to after clicking an ad (Landing page URL).

Keyword: Those phrases that an ad will be targeted at. When a targeted keyword is searched the ad will appear.

Landing Page: This is the Web page that a searcher arrives at after clicking on an advertisement.

PPC: pay-per-click: A method of advertising where the advertiser pays for each click he receives on the search engines.

Impression: The amount of times your ad is displayed

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