What is DaaS?

Hire development teams through DaaS. DaaS is short for Developers-as-a-Service. DaaS provides high-performance Agile Scrum Teams to VC Funded Startups and Financial Service Providers’s to release world-class software into production faster and continuously.

Value of Developers-as-a-Service

Hire development teams to build software for you using the agile scrum methodology.


Customised Team

A team is assembled to suit your requirements and ensure we keep your business ahead of the innovation curve.


Shared Vision

We derive a purpose and motivation for the product through transparency and collaboration.


Product Roadmap

We provide our clients with a product roadmap which clearly lays out the development journey.


Agile Methodology

We follow the Agile Methodology to include our clients in the development process whilst providing flexibility and agility.

World-Class Team

SovTech is the home to some of the worlds top software development talent. With a focus on providing a culture and environment to excel, we have attracted and retained some of the best talent out there. We have structured our offering to providing these world class teams to the world class companies we work with.

wordclass team
Our Process

Our Process

SovTech is always on the frontlines when it comes to new technologies and processes. With our structured process following the scrum methodology, we have created a circle to ensure smooth, efficient and world-class software development.

Our Specialties

Mobile Applications
Landing Page
Solution Architecture
Cloud Infrastructure
Personal Contact
Reporting &

Start-Up Launch Team

We have start-up launch teams which specialise in getting young companies off the ground, into production and into the market quickly. Various options to suit your needs, allows you flexibility and control over the project.


Enterprise Agile Team

Enterprise companies looking for experts to provide solutions to a problem using the agile scrum team methodology. Hire one of our dev teams for fast pace development to allow for fast results.

Agile scrum teams

Why SovTech?


Global Experience

Our carefully selected talent boasts experience across a number of leading global tech stacks and industries, ensuring we deliver a wide range of software requirements with ease and speed.


High Productivity

We adopt streamlined processes which yield highly efficient and dynamic development operations throughout the software development lifecycle.


Autonomous Teams

We provide easily adaptable, self-managing teams, giving you the opportunity to focus on your business objectives while we build seamless software that aligns with your unique business requirements.

Project Dashboard

We have provided a project dashboard for you to manage your project online.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Developers as as service

Your team will be curated according to the project, timeline and budget.

As often as you like. You will receive an update from your project manager regularly keeping you up to date with your project's progression.