It’s our second segment of Meet The Team (catch up on the first one here), and this time we’re heading over to our Business Development department, aka ‘The War Room’. Emerging from this unit are some of our most pertinent decision makers, meticulous analysts, expert solutions architects and overall badasses. First up from this unit is team motivator and captain, our Head of Biz Dev, Chaler.


Alias: Chaler / The Chad-Drive / Jones-a-lot/ Bruthhaa

Unit: Biz Dev

So ‘Chaler’, what’s the best tech purchase you’ve ever made?

Chaler: Definitely the MacBook Air, it’s slick and sleek and an overall great brand – I’m officially a loyal customer.

And what’s the worst?

Chaler: My Golf Buddy.  It was an expensive purchase and it doesn’t have all the courses loaded up on it, you need to manually upload them at an additional fee.

Tell us about a project you consider to be the most significant in your career.

Chaler: I managed to close a major deal with one of South Africa’s biggest blue chip companies. It was a year worth of work but it honestly was a deal of a life time. Well worth the groundwork.

Can you tell us about a time you screwed everything up but no one ever found out?

Chaler: Listen, I’m an honest person, I tell everyone everything. It’s all about relationships and building trust. 

What do you think is bound to break the internet in 2018?

Chaler: True implementation of blockchain in IoT. Specifically in security. 

What’s the most useless talent you’ve got?

Chaler: I can wiggle my ears

Image result for wiggle ears gif

Classic! Tell us, how would you describe your role at SovTech?

Chaler: I’m here to guide and motivate my team into implementing effective strategic plans that will empower our clients and assist them on their journey to success. My mission is to take SovTech to new heights.

SovTech is a leading software development company offering the best in custom business software and agile developers. 


“Great software is the perfect combination of artistry, engineering and people.”

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