SovTech Ventures is an innovative venture capital incubator and facilitator of new businesses.

At SovTech we believe very strongly in the importance of new businesses and entrepreneurs as a pivotal tool in the development of the South African economy. Thus we have started SovTech Venture Incubation in order to take fantastic ideas for game changing businesses and develop those concepts into successful businesses.

Our software, technology, financial and consulting expertise combined with strong professional networks allow us to bring together intellectual and financial capital and combine those resources into a business engine that creates sustainable profits for owners and financiers.

At SovTech, we understand the all too common pitfalls of failed start-ups and understand how to alleviate the risks associated with new business. SovTech’s management team is a group of successful entrepreneurs from different backgrounds and it is this first-hand experience of success and failure that allows us to guide fledgling concepts through the maze of risk and naivety.

Entrepreneurs & Innovators Assemble


Innovative businesses that leverage technology to serve consumers or companies in a disruptive and scalable way.


We invest in ventures that operate predominantly in South Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa and the United Kingdom.


Have an idea or early stage business, but need capital or expertise in technology & software development to make it a reality.


Leverage your existing business or client base with a technology based innovation in partnership with our ventures team.

Corporate Innovation

Joint Venture partnerships and programmes for internal and external innovation projects for large enterprises.

Our Value Add

Software, capital, digital marketing, recruiting, finance, business model, office space, and operational support.

How Can We Help Take Your Business To The Next Level?